Engagement Ring Ad On Craigslist Will Make You Cringe

Ouch – Does that hurt at all?

This Ad Posted On Craigslist made my ring finger thank me for not putting it through the same experience as this one.



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Creepy: Dabney The Haunted Doll Hits Ebay

Haunted Doll On Ebay Causing A Frenzy

Dabney The Haunted Doll From Virginia

A lot of people try to pass off fake haunted dolls on ebay all the time but sometimes you run across an authentic haunted relic on ebay and Dabney is apparently one of them. Dabney the Haunted doll (Which I have met) is now on ebay for sale! Get your creepy on!

The listing goes in to detail about the story of Dabney – Here is a taste of the story and photos of Dabney

Meet Dabney the authentic southern haunted toy doll. WARNING This haunted item is for THE experienced artifact collector and this is not a joke or pretend haunted item. DABNEY is real and HE demands your attention and respect.

DABNEY is a very special doll with multiple attachments I believe. The doll was recovered from a haunted depression era hoarders house during a 3 month clean up process. The home is near Franklin County VA. The docunented stories surrounding the home which was built in 1889 are graphic and creepy.

I will not mention family names just the fact that the man that owned the house was investigated in VA multiple times for possible abduction of young girls and boys and 2 of these children were never found… what was found were dolls toys young people’s clothing and other strange items for a single older man to have. The property was over 8o acres of wooded land… after passing away the man’s family boarded up the home and left it as is. Human bones were recovered from the dirt basement by the recent clean up crews team. Adult bones…

View The Complete Listing Here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Authentic-real-haunted-doll-antique-creepy-with-proof-Reputable-artifact-dealer-/222086232996

Photos Of Dabney The Haunted Doll:

haunted-ebay-dollhuanted-doll-on-ebay haunted-dolls

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Huge 800 Pound florida alligator killed




Outwest Farms owner Lee Lightsey, along with his son Mason, his guide Blake Godwin and two hunters discovered the creature Saturday at one of the ponds on their private ranch. Read More: http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/05/us/big-alligator-in-florida-irpt/


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Ghost or Angel Caught On Camera Will Give You Chills

Ghost Caught With iPhone 5c Camera

This strange photo and story hits close to home for me as it was not only a photo taken in my hometown (Roanoke VA), it was taken at my girlfriends house after we brought in some new antique photos and a box of really old antique trinkets and jewelry.

Just to give you a complete story please read on so you know the story behind the photo, it really ads to the validity of the picture you are about to see.

We buy and sell vintage and antique items on ebay and other venues and we were listing some items on ebay late the other night. My girlfriend has 2 Siamese cats that are always looking around at stuff that is not there (as some cats do) and my GF sometimes sees shadows and such in the house (as many people do). This night was different. As I sat facing her I see her cat laying with her then we both notice the cat spring up and it’s eyes intensely follow something across the room, no big deal but creepy… I THEN SEE A SHADOW dart out of the window behind her then the cat locks in on a round sofa chair behind where my GF was sitting. Sitting on the edge of this chair on a small table was the box of old photos, postcards, jewelry and antique trinkets.  I was facing this chair staring at it along with the cat. Since I had my iPhone out taking photos of something for ebay, I though well I will snap off three pictures, originally my plan was to pretend I saw something and freak my girlfriend out. Let’s just say I didn’t have to pretend at all.

When you look at the picture you will see an apparition which appears to be pointing at something. After looking at the area it was obvious that the figure was pointing at box of old items and photos.

Unedited Original Photo Taken With an iPhone 5c
Exclusive Photo Copyright OddYap.com – You may link to page (not republish photo Without Permission)




Do you see the figure in the picture? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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Nazi Alien Skulls Discovered – Demonic Connection.

The discovery of strangely-shaped skulls and a Nazi briefcase in a Russian forest has spawned theories suggesting a supernatural connection between the odd artifacts.


Although the odd bones were found in 2014, they are only now making news because of the recent recovery of a Nazi briefcase in the woods nearby.

The skulls were reportedly discovered by a team of explorers led by scientist Vladimir Melikov in a cave on Mount Bolshoi Tjach, Russia.

Despite being found two years ago, news of it has only gone global after a separate find in woods nearby of a Nazi briefcase and German full-colour map of the Adygea region made in 1941.

According to reports the briefcase, picked up by a local hermit, had the emblem of the Ahnenerbe – the most secretive Nazi institute founded by Heinrich Himmler in 1935 to find evidence that the Aryan race had once ruled the entire globe.


But it soon branched into occultism, paranormal research, pseudoscience and the study of UFOs and weapons development due to Himmler’s obsession with such topics.

The strange appearance of the skulls has led to speculation the Nazis could have made contact with aliens or even summoned demons in the remote area and these were the remains.

Conspiracy websites have connected the mysterious skulls with the occultism of the SS Ahnenerbe institution and concluded the skulls could be those of dead demons or even aliens.

Read Full Article Here: http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/634733/Do-demon-skulls-and-Nazi-briefcase-discoveries-prove-Third-Reich-contacted-ALIENS 

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Alien Girl Apollo 20 Found on the Moon – Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Alien Girl Photos Far Side Of The Moon!

One of the most controversial conspiracy theory – the notorious Apollo 20 mission, along with the strange things it found on the far side of the Moon.


In 1972, NASA shut down the Apollo Program. Budget cuts due to money being needed elsewhere and the public losing its interest was the official explanation. But not everyone was convinced this was the truth.

Alien Moon Girl

Many conspiracy theorists became convinced the space program continued covertly and that Apollo 18 and 19 found evidence of extraterrestrial presence on the Moon, but Apollo 19 was lost due to a catastrophic collision. Despite running into problems as well, Apollo 20 succeeded in recovering alien technology as well as a humanoid female in suspended animation.

In 2007, videos were posted on YouTube by William Rutledge, a man claiming to have been one of the Apollo 20 astronauts. Initially, he gave few details regarding the controversial videos showing long-deserted structures on the Moon and an alien-looking ‘girl’ inside a crashed giant spaceship.

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HUGE BUG Removed From Mans Ear – Ya Hear!

Nasty Bug Removed From Mans Ear Canal – GROSS VIDEO!

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Amazing Liver Transplant Before After Photo

About 3 years ago my Dad received a liver transplant after fighting for his life for over 2 1/2 years with no liver function. He had very little time left and was living day by day with the possibility of it being his last day. He was strong, my mother helped him be stronger with her non-stop care and support. One day he got the call from Duke that they had a possible match for him (after 3 or so failed attempts) they were finally right. There was a matching Donor that had just passed away. They performed the transplant and gave my Dad a second lease on life. I wanted to say thank you to the Donor and Donor family. Without the Donor my Dad would not be here to enjoy his 9 Grandchildren! I love you Dad –

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FUNNY – 100% Proof Pro Wrestling IS REAL!

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